Compatible with v7.0c (26/03/2011)

Supereasy random artillery fire script by Igneous01, adapted for WICT by ArmAIIholic

For those people who want to simulate some random mortar/artillery fire in their mission without the processing of actual artillery units that fire.

[nil,nil,rEXECVM,"WICT\sandbox\sandbox_exe.sqf","WICT\support\","ambientArti",5,"ARTY_Sh_81_HE", "mort1", 100, 150, 17, 5] call RE;

[nil,nil,rEXECVM,"WICT\sandbox\sandbox_exe.sqf","WICT\support\","ambientArti",5,#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6] call RE;

#1 -- "ARTY_Sh_81_HE" is the classname of the shell,

#2 -- "mort1" is the name of a marker,

#3 & #4 -- x y radius of where the shells will go off,

#5 -- max random time to fire,

#6 -- number of shells

If you want to start several artillery scripts you have to introduce small delay :

null = [] spawn { [nil,nil,rEXECVM,"WICT\sandbox\sandbox_exe.sqf","WICT\support\","ambientArti",2,"ARTY_Sh_81_HE", "m5_1", 35, 35, 5, 5] call RE; sleep 4; [nil,nil,rEXECVM,"WICT\sandbox\sandbox_exe.sqf","WICT\support\","ambientArti",2,"ARTY_Sh_81_HE", "m5_2", 150, 150, 5, 30] call RE; };

The number 2 in the example above is time needed for server to "unlock" ambientArti.sqf script. That parameter ensures that ambientArti.sqf is run only once in 2 seconds periond -- for explanation read this REXECVM and Dedi.

2 seconds for script execution + sleep 4 seconds + execute another one!

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