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Website has another interesting script and I am presenting it here (quoting) with some slight modifications and additional stuff.


In every civilian’s init I put this. It limits it to 3m range “approx face to face”. Outside that range you don’t see the option. Also once interrogated that civilian is not questionable again.

this addAction ["Interrogate","civ_i.sqf",[false],1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this) < 3"];

The bold false there controls if they are innocent or guilty. Change that to true if it’s the one you want arrested.

Here’s the rewritten scripts:


// grab a value for the suspect and check for guilt flag
_suspect = _this select 0;
_guilty = (_this select 3) select 0;

// Remove all actions from the suspect
_action = _suspect addAction["foo", "foo.sqf"];
while {_action >= 0} do	{
	_suspect removeAction _action;
	_action = _action - 1;

// Quick animation, I really need to find a better Action for this, talking or something.
_suspect playAction "gestureNod";
sleep 3;

// If he's NOT guilty, just proceed.
if (!_guilty) then 
   [player,nil,rSIDECHAT,'This guy is useless.'] call RE;
   // He is guilty, so lets get all up in ur bidness!
   // This animation is a little long, but definitely looks like someone over explaining something.
   _suspect playAction "SceneCommanderTalk";
   sleep 5;

   // Add an action to the suspect to arrest him
   [player,nil,rSIDECHAT,'This guy is obviously up to something...  Arrest him!'] call RE;
   _suspect addAction ["Arrest","civ_a.sqf"];


// Grab a value for the suspect
_suspect = _this select 0;

// Remove all actions from the suspect
_action = _suspect addAction["foo", "foo.sqf"];
while {_action >= 0} do	{
	_suspect removeAction _action;
	_action = _action - 1;

// Stop the current animation and surrender
_suspect switchmove "";
_suspect playActionNow "Surrender";
sleep 3;

// Alert the soldier
[[(side player),'HQ'],nil,rSIDECHAT,'You've sent the suspect to holdover. Good job, Over!'] call RE;

// Just delete him
_susGrp = group _suspect;
_nic = [nil, _suspect, "per", rHideObject, true] call RE;
deleteVehicle _suspect;
sleep 1;
deleteGroup _susGrp;


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